At Edge Digital Group we have always believed that simplicity is smart.  In fact, helping organizations get smarter by making work simpler and easier is in our DNA.  For over 25 years we have helped government and commercial organizations meet the challenges of taking information management across the digital divide.  We do this with simple yet powerful solutions that helps customers manage the complexity of switching to enterprise data management without making work more complicated.

Enterprise Information Management

Most government organizations already have the tool to manage their information – SharePoint.  Yet many look elsewhere for more complex solutions built from scratch thinking these will do a better job.  More often than not, such projects pose higher risks for cost and schedule overruns and failing to realize their intended benefits.  Even worse, people can't use them. 

We call our enterprise information management solution Records as a Service (RaaS). Our RaaS solutions consist of two parts – capturing and sharing information.  These solutions help customers

  • Securely digitize numerous types of media into searchable formats
  • Enhance document formats for redaction, indexing and searching, identification and labeling,  and compliance
  • Automate document workflow
  • Store and manage documents in a secure, compliant cloud
  • Set up and efficiently run records management processes

Digital Conversion

Edge Digital Group is the premier digital strategist, building custom solutions that enable government and industry to transition their information assets into digital form. Converting an information asset into a digital asset creates value. Whether capturing data from old microfilm, Beta tapes, floppy disks and CDs, or even paper, once the information is in digital form, it can be indexed and searched. It can be viewed over any distance by as many people who have access. It can be easily duplicated and kept secure. And most importantly, it can be analyzed; correlations discovered, trends made to appear, connections brought into view. All of that creates value.

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with virtually every enterprise and small-scale content and digital asset system imaginable. Edge has converted hundreds of different formats, both physical and digital. Whether it’s old archives or active paper, you need a reliable, long-term conversion solution. Buying the hardware and software is easy (you can get it all right here), but putting it all together for maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance can be tough.