Watch the new
Info Activate video
from Kodak Alaris.

Watch the
Info Activate demonstration
and you'll agree that there has never been a smarter, faster, or easier way to capture data from paper to SharePoint.


Chris Beasley of Edge Digital Group demonstrates the capabilities
of Kodak Info Activate Solution at SPC 2014 in Las Vegas.


Top Tier Providers

Kodak Alaris, the global leader in scanning technology, built a simple and intuitive data capture front end to the world's best data management system, SharePoint. It's called Info Activate and it is changing the way smart organizations deal with information.

Because of our extensive SharePoint experience and our attention to total client satisfaction, Kodak Alaris selected Edge Digital Group to be the premiere provider of Info Activate.

Built on the concept of workflows, Info Activate streamlines the process from capture to management by automating repetitive tasks, using content types to identify key information, and providing a flexible and customizable management dashboard for administrators.

With Info Activate, anyone in your organization can be a knowledge worker, and everyone will digitize documents with the same level of precision and quality, every time. That means efficiency, control, and increased productivity.

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