U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

It seems pretty obvious that someone conducting investigations shouldn't leave all their data available to those being investigated. But as large-scale file sharing was introduced into the federal government, many inspectors general (IG) found themselves in this position with their most sensitive files sitting on their parent agency's servers. This vulnerability could lead to questions about the integrity of the data and the impartiality of the investigations. This was the critical situation faced by the VA's inspector general.

In response, Edge Digital Group created an independent SharePoint server farm for the VA's IG and migrated all existing files to this system, giving IG staff secure access from anywhere in the country. Edge then worked with the client to create a governance policy for maintaining the security of the server farm. And to help employees take full advantage of SharePoint's features, we created training keyed to the IG's configuration and even conducted train-the-trainer workshops to help disseminate this information.

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