U.S. Marine Corps History Division

The US Marine Corps is fiercely, and justly, proud of its legacy and no less proud of its can-do attitude. One challenge, however, threatened to defeat the leathernecks of the Corps’ small but dedicated History Division: valuable historical materials, some going back to the early 1800s, were rapidly deteriorating. Much of these books, reports, photographs, and microfilm were collected and stored well before the advent of air conditioning and climate controlled buildings and might soon be lost.

With Edge Digital Group’s help this material is being digitized so it will be available to future generations and the scans are being tagged in a Share Point database so any asset can quickly be identified and located. Using Kodak Alaris scanners and Capture Pro software, the Edge team is working through a backlog of records of everything from campaigns in African and Central America to documents captured from the Japanese at the close of WW-II. The Division looks to make most of this material available on its website to historians and interested members of the public it has so well served.

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