U.S. Marine Corps (USMC)

The Marines have always been the nation's most forward-deployed force, frequently off the grid and without access to the Internet. But like any fighting force, they rely on information to maintain readiness and compliance with all orders. For years, the Corps sent administrative orders into the field on paper and then on low-capacity, text-only CDs. There had to be a better way.

First, Edge Digital Group eliminated the use of paper documents and CDs, digitizing ten years' worth of Administrative Orders (AOs) and storing them as highly-compressed PDFs that retained all of the information and formatting of the originals. These AOs were stored, updated, and are now accessible via an Edge-installed SharePoint system interfaced to the web. And for those without web access, Edge introduced high-capacity DVDs delivered every quarter to every Marine base, installation, and US embassy. The approach proved so successful, that EDGE was soon engaged to digitize a good deal of  other Marine information, including training manuals and critical country background reports.

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