U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Immigration has always played a key role in American history and since 1897 the government has maintained a historical reference library to document this rich and compelling story. This priceless collection consists of government records and genealogical research in every format imaginable: microfilm from the 1920s, large bound volumes over 200 years old, BetaMax tapes, photographs, and more. Many of these materials were quite fragile and most were simply irreplaceable. Previous attempts at digitizing the collection had failed but its deteriorating condition compelled the USCIS to try again.

Edge Digital Group didn't just offer a typical scanning service. Instead, we worked with USCIS staff to create a carefully staged plan to ensure the condition and safety of all materials. We employed special equipment that enabled us to scan the bound volumes without having to disassemble them. The data are now preserved and available to everyone from scholars to citizens. Our past has now been preserved for the future.

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