U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)

The Social Security Administration is awash in data, and until recently much of it was still retained on paper. One entire floor of office space at its suburban Baltimore headquarters was given over to storing just the operations manuals describing how claims were to be processed. These Programs Operations Manuals (or POMS) filled hundreds of binders and over 140 CD that even predated the internet. In this form the POMS were anything but useful. They were neither 508- nor FOIA-compliant, they were exceedingly difficult to search, and as a practical matter they were all but inaccessible to anyone in any of the SSA's other offices.

Edge Digital Group scanned the paper POMS, going back to 1991 and converted the CDs' content, combining them all into a single, easily accessible database that is now used by SSA employees and is also available to the public. Answering Freedom of Information Act requests is now dramatically simpler. The dangers and burdens of paper storage have been removed and a web interface now allows all SSA employees to see any POM. Problem retired.

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