Small Business Administration

Small businesses are a dynamic driver of the economy and no one perhaps is more aware of the ups and downs of small businesses than the US Small Business Administration, which assists firms in both contracting and in obtaining loans. Their help to any one company typically spans multiple years, involves multiple loans, sometimes spread between several offices, and all of it generating piles of paperwork. That’s paperwork that must be shared with the banks originating the loans and the dozens of federal agencies who either corroborate application information or contract with these small businesses. At the offices of the SBA’s Mid-Atlantic region, the result was 450+ boxes of paperwork extending back to the 80s.

Using Kodak Alaris scanners and Capture Pro software, Edge Digital Group made short work of the backlog, digitizing the documents and adding key metadata to the new, online records. The result is quicker processing and approval times, and maybe even a not so small business boost to the economy.

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