Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Thousands of immigrant entrepreneurs start businesses in the US every year, but few are fully aware of the requirements for tax payments and most are unprepared to face an IRS audit. Standard-issue government pamphlets explaining these actions are heavy on legalese and lacking in straightforward, practical information. The IRS clearly needed a way to help these business people before they ran afoul of the regulations.

To address this need, the IRS engaged Edge Digital Group to produce a number of interactive, video-based training seminars for the web. With titles like Virtual Small Business Workshop and Your Guide to an IRS Audit, these self-paced, user-friendly eLearning modules take viewers step by step through everything from starting a business to setting up a retirement plan. Available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, they're designed to make compliance far less taxing.

To serve their clients, tax preparation professionals need access to a mountain of information: hundreds of special forms, instruction publications, and even the Tax Code itself. In paper form these would overfill a small office. In addition to current year information, preparers also need to access earlier forms and regulations for refilings and actions that span multiple years.

To answer this need, for the past 16 years Edge Digital Group and produced and annually-updated DVDs that contain every current and past form and instruction document. Called IRS Tax Products DVD, this remarkable resource is fully searchable, contains numerous cross-links to related documents, is 508-compliant, and allows on-screen fill-in and printing. Recently, Edge created an automatically-updated desktop application that serves this same purpose.

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