Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
(Freddie Mac)

Though often thought of as Fannie Mae’s smaller brother, by any other measure Freddie Mac is an impressively large organization and a key player in the nation’s secondary mortgage market. With nearly $2 trillion in assets and about 5,000 employees, Freddie Mac operates at a level and scale that demands optimal efficiency. Because the mortgage industry is still largely paper-based, Freddie Mac’s massive and daily challenge is to digitize a torrent of documents, but by the summer of 2013 that process had come to a complete stop.

Edge Digital Group performed an assessment of the situation and quickly isolated the deficient components (hardware, software, and firmware) and the steps needed to reorganize their in-house capture operation into a truly integrated process. Introducing both the latest release of Kodak< Alaris’s Capture Pro software and a number of other upgrades, Edge was rapidly able to restart the digitization stream, which at last count exceeded a quarter million pages per month…and growing.

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