U. S. Department of Defense /
Director of National Intelligence (DOD/DNI)

Post-9/11, the government established a small but critical unit of only about 25 people to coordinate and facilitate the sharing of information between the Department of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence. Called the Unified Cross Domain Management Office or UCDMO, this organization acts as the transfer point for an enormous volume of data and analyses, none of which could ever be lost or overwritten. An equally challenging problem was the rapidity with which that information is updated and revised, requiring sophisticated version control and time-stamping that was beyond the file-sharing system then in place. In short, the sophistication of their information sharing had to exceed the constantly evolving threat.

Partnering with NTIS, Edge Digital Group installed a secure, hosted SharePoint system addressing the critical requirements of data confidentiality, data integrity, and availability, ensuring that all parties got the same high-quality information.

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