U.S. Army's Aviation Branch Safety Office

At the Army’s sprawling Fort Rucker facility in southern Alabama, the Aviation Branch Safety Office collects reports of every aviation incident or accident that occurs with any of the service’s roughly 3,500 aircraft. For the Branch to spot patterns and contribute to improving the Army’s aviation safety record, the data need to be accessible. Unfortunately, much of the historical information resided in paper reports in some 600 banker’s boxes and on some 500 rolls of microfilm.

Using Kodak Alaris Capture Pro software, Kodak Alaris scanners, and Microsoft’s SharePoint data management software, Edge Digital Group has captured all of this information and made it readily accessible. Now even with faster required turnaround times for Freedom of Information Act requests and inquiries from Congressional committees, the Branch is able to respond fully and quickly to all. And when asked about the value of Edge’s services, the Army’s response was typically straightforward and atypically enthusiastic, saying simply: “We’re thrilled!”

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